Eurofit for Adults

Eurofit for Adults is a test battery that was developed to assess the physical fitness of European adults. The information below is from the book “Eurofit for Adults” published by the Committee for the Development of Sport of the Council of Europe in 1995. Procedures and norms are provided below for most of the tests.

The Test Battery

Aerobic Fitness - (Maximal Aerobic Power)
An examinee takes one of the three following 3 tests:

  1. 2-Kilometer Walking Test - This test is less stressful than the other aerobic tests and most appropriate for older and low-fit populations, but medical clearance is still required.
  2. Cycle Ergometer Test
  3. This test involves warming up on a stationary bicycle, then pedaling at 3 increasingly difficult workloads for 4 minutes each. Maximal oxygen uptake (VO2max), the standard measure of aerobic fitness is then calculated from the heart rate during each of the workloads. The test will not be described in detail here because:
    1. It requires a stationary cycle ergometer with accurately calibrated workload settings in watts, generally available only in laboratories.
    2. It requires careful monitoring of the examinee’s heart rate
    3. Getting results requires extensive calculation using 2 equations
    4. The Beep Test listed below and the 1.5-mile run test found elsewhere on this site are more direct measures of aerobic fitness.
  4. Endurance Shuttle Run Test (Beep Test)- Only appropriate for examinees medically cleared for strenuous, maximal-effort exercise
Musculoskeletal Fitness
  • Muscle Strength and Endurance
    • Trunk Muscle Endurance - Dynamic Sit-up
    • Leg Muscle Power - Vertical Jump
    • Arm Muscle Endurance - Bent Arm Hang: In this test, the examinee is assisted in doing a chin-up using an undergrip so that the chin is above, but not resting on, a horizontal bar. A stopwatch is used to time how long the examinee can maintain the position. Unfortunately, the Eurofit manual states that there are no norms for this test.
    • Hand Muscle Strength - Hand Grip

  • Flexibility
Motor Fitness
  • Balance - Single Leg Balance
  • Hand Movement Speed - Plate Tapping: The Eurofit manual describes this as a test of upper limb coordination and speed. A seated examinee places the non-preferred hand directly in front on a table. The examinee is then timed while alternately tapping as fast as possible with the preferred hand two discs 40 cm (16") on either side of the non-preferred hand for a full 25 cycles. Unfortunately, the manual states that there are no norms for this test.
AnthropometryPhysical activity and Health Questionnaire: The Eurofit manual does not provide a specific questionnaire. But it emphasizes the importance of determining:
  • Current, recent, past, and lifetime physical activity
  • Occupational, leisure, and everyday life activities
  • The individual's disposition towards exertion
  • Intensity of exertion, either in absolute terms or relative to the individual's maximum capability or fitness level

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