Dynamic Situp Test

The Dynamic Situp Test evaluates the endurance of the abdominal muscles and consists of consecutive performance of 3 increasingly difficult kinds of sit-up, 5 repetitions each. This test is easy to max for most people under 30 and is thus most appropriate for older or very unfit younger people. The sit-up test with civilian norms described elsewhere on this site, and the Army situp test and norms, are more appropriate for the general public and more physically fit populations.

Testing Procedure

The examinee lies face-up on the floor with the knees bent at 90 degrees and the feet flat on the floor, held down by an examiner. The examinee then attempts to perform 15 situps in the following sequence. There should be no rest period or pause between the different types of sit-up.

  1. 5 situps with the hands sliding along the thighs. During the situp movement, the hands, palms-down, slide along top of the thighs, with the fingertips touching the center of the kneecaps at the top of the movement
  2. 5 situps while keeping the forearms crossed over the chest. The elbows contact the thighs at the end of the movement.
  3. 5 situps with the fingertips maintaining contact with the back of the earlobes. The elbows contact the thighs at the end of the movement.
The score is the total number of situps performed (max = 15).

Test Norms:

The norms for the test provided in the following table are based on Swedish national testing.

Percentile Values for Number of Situps by Age and Gender


Age Range



Dynamic Situp > Eurofit for Adults

Dynamic Situp > Physical Fitness