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There is a compelling need for clear and concise information on men's fitness and health. Yet most magazines and websites on the subject offer disjointed bits of information that fail to provide a clear path to men's health and fitness. They often make extravagant claims based on fad, hype, mythology, or commercial considerations in order to entice readership and sell products and services. They typically tout the latest and greatest methods for quickly and easily building muscles, stripping off fat, enhancing fitness, reducing stress, getting rich, and, of course, seducing women and keeping them coming back. To convince you of their authenticity, photos of slim, muscular, sexy young men with 6-pack abs are featured prominently.

Most men don’t have the time or inclination to wade through issue after issue of magazines devoted to men's fitness and health in order to come up with exercise and nutrition programs to get them fit and healthy. The truth is that such magazines do not want to provide men with comprehensive programs. If they did, readers would have no reason to come back and buy subsequent issues or subscribe. Thus, small chunks of information are presented in each issue, with no comprehensive program provided. Credibility comes into question when claims are made that their newest killer workouts and nutrition and aerobic exercise programs for burning fat are the best yet.

There is much concern about various men's health problems such as lung cancer, colon cancer, prostate cancer, high blood pressure, heart disease, sexually transmitted disease and erectile dysfunction. Most men are looking for concise information about the best way to avoid such problems or remedy them if possible by way of exercise, nutrition, or dietary supplementation. Therefore, this men's fitness and health site provides and updates descriptions of these disorders and presents information about how to best prevent or even reverse them, by natural means if possible. The object is to provide clear, useful, scientifically-based information in plain English.

Men vary greatly in their physical fitness levels and goals. A great workout program for a young, healthy, man seeking to improve his athletic performance is inappropriate, unrealistic, and even dangerous for a middle-aged, sedentary man seeking to improve his health and physical fitness within tight work and family schedules. Thus this site will focus on physical fitness tests and questionnaires to aid men in categorizing their own fitness levels. Then we will provide a variety of workout programs from which men can choose based on their age, physical condition, time constraints, goals, and available equipment.

As a society, we have become fatter and less physically fit as a result of the shifts from manual labor to sedentary employment, walking to motorized transportation, natural foods limited in quantity to abundant, highly-processed, calorically-dense foods, as well as to work and family-related stress and tight schedules that limit the time available for exercise. This web site seeks to provide men's fitness and health information that can be readily used to greatly improve men's ability to meet the demands of sport, work, and other life activities within the context of modern society’s constraints and pressures.

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