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Adult Physical Fitness Test


In May of 2008, the Presidents Council on Physical Fitness and Sports released its new President's Challenge Adult Fitness Test. The Council was established by President Eisenhower in 1956 to promote physical fitness at all levels of American society. Physical fitness testing was seen as an essential part of the national fitness effort.


Physical fitness tests such as this one should only be undertaken by those deemed at low risk for health problems when performing maximal physical efforts. See our exercise risk questionnaire to determine if you fall into the low risk category. If you don’t, you must obtain a physician’s approval before taking any physical fitness tests. If you are cleared for only mild to moderate exercise, it is best to postpone physical fitness tests, except those done under direct medical supervision, until you have become fit and healthy enough to exert yourself maximally.

Test Procedures

To take and score the test, you can either download and print the full test manual or you can download and print the scoring sheet and follow the directions below for administering and scoring each test.

Scoring the Test

When you have performed all of the tests and recorded the results on your scoring sheet, enter your scores on-line to determine your age-specific percentile rank for each test.

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