Benefits of Exercise

There are so many benefits of exercise that it can likely do more for public health than the combined effects of all of medicines ever invented. The following list covers most of the positive effects of regular physical activity, as revealed by scientific research. The list will inevitably continue to grow as more studies on the subject are published.

Health Benefits:

  • Reduced blood pressure
  • Slowed resting heart rate
  • Increased muscle sensitivity to insulin
  • Reduced total cholesterol
  • Increased HDL cholesterol
  • Weight loss
  • Increased muscle mass
  • Increased bone density
  • Improved immunity to disease
  • Increased life span. Regular physical activity and smoking session can add almost 4 years to your life span, even if you start later in life. Of 15,000 twin pairs, one of whom was sedentary and the other of whom engaged in regular physical activity, the latter had 55% lower chance of dying during the 19-year study
  • Reduced risk and/or lessened severity of the following diseases:
    • Heart disease
    • Stroke
    • Diabetes. Diabetics who engage in regular physical activity require less insulin. And for those predisposed to diabetes, an active lifestyle can postpone the onset of the disease for several years and even prevent it.
    • Colon, breast, and prostate cancer
    • Macular degeneration (vision loss due to retina problems)
    • Gum disease
    • Hearing loss
    • Alzheimer’s Disease and other dementia
    • Depression and other mood disorders

NOTE: If you are taking prescribed medication for any of the above medical problems, do not discontinue such medication when you start a physical activity program. Only upon examining you following a period of time on your program can your doctor decide whether the changes in your health status warrant a reduction in your medication. Do not try to make such a decision on your own.

Other Benefits:

  • Feel more youthful and energetic
  • Look better
  • Feel happier and enjoy life more
  • Sleep better
  • Function better sexually
  • Improve your brain function
  • Increase your options for recreational activities
  • Improve your sports performance
  • Defend yourself, family, and friends if necessary
  • Respond to emergencies more effectively

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